Dishwasher Scrubber

Dishwasher Scrubber

This jute kitchen aid is ideal for cleaning and washing dishes. Use a little soap or a pinch of soda to easily remove stubborn dirt from pans, oven dishes, stoves, etc. You don't have to apply too much pressure to get everything clean.


The advantages of jute scrubbers:

  • Made from 100% natural, vegetable material and therefore completely non-toxic!
  • Environmentally friendly, zero-waste & plastic-free;
  • Jute Scrubbers are versatile and practical, they can be used for multiple purposes. Think of washing dishes, personal hygiene or massages;
  • Jute is durable and wear-resistant - with the right care your scrubber will last a long time;
  • Can be easily repaired and washed;
  • Just rough enough - the texture of the burlap easily removes stubborn dirt without leaving scratches;
  • Compostable - when you're done with your scrubber, cut it into small pieces and feed it to your plants! The jute decomposes well in the soil and enriches the soil with organic matter;
  • Handmade - our scrubbers, sponges, mitts are handmade, with your purchase you support small businesses and independent craftsmen.
  • Care instructions

    Care instructions: 

    Rinse in warm water after each use, hang it out and let it dry. The scrubber can be washed in the washing machine but can also be disinfected in hot water. Jute has natural antibacterial properties and is very durable. Small holes can be easily repaired with thread and needle! When used properly, the jute scrubber can easily be used for up to 2 years a day! When the scrubber needs to be replaced, you can compost the old scrubber in the ground!



    Most synthetic sponges are not recyclable and go straight to the landfill. With every use, tiny bits of microplastic end up in our sewers and in our oceans where they pollute our coral reefs or are eaten by marine animals. Therefore, switching to natural fiber sponges and scrubbers has a positive impact on the environment.