Anti-itch fabric softener

Anti-itch fabric softener

Citrus vinegar pure. The ideal fabric softener for sensitive skin! ° Eliminates unpleasant odors ° Is mold and bactericidal ° Good if you are allergic to fabric softener. For people who are allergic to fabric softener, the itching is a thing of the past after a wash with our fresh-smelling citrus vinegar. This fragrance is obtained by infusion with citrus peels. The laundry smells nice and fresh and is just as soft as with traditional fabric softeners.

    ° Fill the fabric softener dispenser of the washing machine with the citrus vinegar.

    For an extra fresh citrus scent: add  a few drops  Add Boqua organic lemon oil 

    INGREDIENTS: Natural alcohol vinegar, citrus zest aroma


    CAUTION: Never use vinegar in combination with chlorine/bleach water, as chlorine gas is created and can be harmful if inhaled.




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