Eco scouring pad - Luffa

Eco scouring pad - Luffa

LUFFA eco-scouring pads are smooth and flexible. Ideal for washing dishes, for example. The loofah expands when it gets wet and therefore fits well in the hand. The sponge lasts for 3 months and does not wear out. The sponge has a sisal loop for easy hanging.
This Luffa sponge is fully compostable, 100% natural and plastic-free. This patented sponge is made on an Ecological Luffa farm in Europe. Are you ready for a new one? Then the old one can just go to the GFT.


Eco scourers - LUFFA is a good addition to the Eco scourers - ESPARTO. This LUFFA is great for gentle scrubbing jobs such as washing dishes. ESPARTO is great for really hard scrubbing jobs, such as caked pans. We have a plastic-free alternative for every cleaning job. And all that just from Europe.




    • With 1 sponge you last 3 months
    • 100% vegetable material from Europe
    • Plastic-free
    • without the use of chemicals
    • 100% biodegradable
    • Can be put in the organic waste bin after use
    • packaging can go with the old paper
    • size 11 x 7 cm

    raw material
    The raw material for this plastic-free scouring pad is Luffa. This is a cucumber-like plant that naturally has a fiber-rich and spongy structure. This sponge comes from an Ecological Luffa farm in Spain. No chemicals are used during the entire production process. These Luffa's are hand picked with respect for the ecosystem and further processed into these beautiful scouring pads.


    The farm where this loofah grows does not use chemicals or other products that can harm the earth. All natural waste products generated on the farm are recycled through composting and re-introduced into the growing process in this way. It is an Agroforestry company. Trees are combined with Luffa cultivation. This is good for biodiversity and soil fertility.


    The company works together with small farmers in the area. They share their knowledge and thus stimulate ecological loofah cultivation. In this way a new source of income is created in this often poor and rural area and the land is cultivated in an ecological and sustainable way.


    The owner of this farm is a pioneer in growing Luffa. Each loofah has a different quality and fiber density. He crosses different types of Luffa with each other to get the best quality. For example, the fiber of a scouring sponge is harder than the fiber of, for example, a shower sponge. The fiber of this scouring pad is of very high quality.


    Manufacturing process 
    When the fruit is fully ripe, it is hand picked by hand and then soaked in warm spring water. This spring water occurs naturally in this area and has a temperature of 43 degrees. Due to the many minerals, including magnesium, this water provides an antibacterial effect and makes the fruit clean and supple. Then the sun and wind do the rest of the work. The seeds are beaten out and the fruit now has the nice fine structure that makes it ideal to use as a sponge. These beautiful Eco scouring pads are sewn from this.


     Nowadays we literally sand the microbeads in our clean drinking water with our plastic scouring pads. This sponge does not suffer from that! In fact, when you're done with it, this sponge ends up on top of the compost heap as food for the earth. Can't get any nicer, can it?


    Because this product is a natural product, you do not have to carry around polluting raw materials as with the synthetic variant. The sun, earth and air are the raw materials for this product. That saves a lot of pollution and CO2 emissions. These Eco scourers grow in Europe and just land this way overland.

    100% compostable, plastic-free, zero-waste, 100% natural, ecological farming, made in EU