EcoEgg - 70 washes

EcoEgg - 70 washes

Described in the press as the new way of washing and called a breakthrough.

A new natural and environmentally friendly way of washing! 

Declared and Awarded with  the top Gold Award for the best baby Skincare Product from Prima Baby & Pregnancy Magazine  in America, the perfume-free  Wash Egg, is perfect for baby's sensitive skin. It is also supported by the National Eczema Society and is great for adults with sensitive skin too!

Available in:

  • Perfume Free - Odorless
  • fresh linen - Cotton Blossom
  • Spring Blossom - Spring Fragrance

All our EcoEggs are 'with Allergy UK permission' stamped and are a money-saving, eco-friendly and hypoallergenic alternative to regular laundry detergent.

  • Hypoallergenic - ideal for sensitive skin, supported by Allergy UK
  • Environmentally friendly - no harsh chemicals

    The EcoEgg washing ball is a full-fledged alternative to detergent/washing powder. You just put it in the washing machine and you don't need any other detergent. Set the machine between 30 and 60 degrees. The two types of mineral pellets contained in the egg go to work producing a powerful (yet natural) cleansing foam that cleans your clothes well and they are refillable.

    The EcoEgg has been dermatologically tested and has even been found to be extremely suitable for (very) sensitive skin. The EcoEggs can be safely used for all washing machines. It is made of soft, durable rubber and is therefore easy to use in your machine.


    The pellets in the washing ball last 70 washes. After these 70 turns you can easily refill the wash ball with the refill (50 washes).