Esparto - Eco scourer

Esparto - Eco scourer

ESPARTO Eco scouring pads are strong scouring pads for really tough scrubbing jobs such as caked pans, stove, sink, tiles, garden equipment, etc.

They are 100% natural and completely biodegradable. They last a long time, are strong and clean well. They are made from a Mediterranean type of grass  ESPARTO and have been used for centuries in southern Europe. Together with Sodium Bicarbonate it is a super cleaning team! They are sold as bales. You get an average of 3 sanding balls from 1 bale. After use, the scouring pad can simply be disposed of with the organic waste.

  • 1 bale is enough for 3 sanding balls
  • 100% vegetable material from Europe
  • Plastic-free
  • no chemicals
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Can be put in the organic waste bin after use
  • packaging is compostable
  • bale size 7.5 x 5.5 cm





    Tough types use the entire bale as a sturdy scouring sponge. But a more economical way is this:


    • Pull a big pick from the bale 
    • Pull the fibers apart a little so that they face in all directions
    • Roll it into a firm ball like a (vegan) meatball
    • Squeeze it occasionally while turning
    • Rinse the ball well under the tap
    • Squeeze the ball and your Eco scouring pad is ready! 


    Are you ready? Then it can go to the GFT waste.


    TIP:  Make the balls above the GFT container. A few blades may come off. 

    TIP:  But immediately 3 at the same time, so you already have a stock.

    TIP:  For extra dirty jobs, you can also just use a small tuft and throw it away immediately after use. This way you can use the bale extra long.